Sunday, June 1, 2008


My thousand apologies to chian yaw for not posting her bday pics.
So sorry but I forget (Yupe I know its was err last month? lol)
But here they are now.
There u go~! The (belated) birthday girl and her kai gor I think. n.n
The party was great btw :: good food, great friends. nice atmosphere.

One happy family.

The crazy crew! and its so nice to have ah yip back. xD For the first time ever, yippy yip is going to be our junior in school lol how cute. PS :: hui yi is forever crazy.

An all together picture and One word to describe it. Gila. n.n Don't really what mr. tai wei hong and mr. hau wen pan were doing there. Boys. Sigh.

And..... we have zzz hui here lol trying to be shy but after that regret coz she was like, ei don't wanna take anymore ah? wtf. lol Poh Yi and gang were back and was happy to see them again. omg this party is like a reunion party. lol.

To end the post, we have naughty ah yoke. ngek ngek~ Wanted to collect rm5 from her after taking this pic lol.


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