Thursday, June 5, 2008

Happy day.

The day before yesterday was a happy day for me. Probably because I went shopping oh yeea. n.n Friends and I went to sushi king actually and we only ate about RM9 something each. lol. The cheapest lunch or what.
So, as usual, went lalalalalala shopping. Impossible to not shop when we're at the shopping mall right. =.=''''''' Anyway anyway, seeeeee ::

Yupe. Elianto. *big smiles* I really didn't know that there's elianto in ec mall. I mean like ELIANTO? Kuantan has improve so much (shopping wise) since there's ec mall. Me like. Oh yea, if you're wandering what's elianto, Damn Noob you la! lol. No la. At first I didn't know it either, until my auntie told me when I was at gentings and she was like hey, lets go elianto. I said huh, ok! I would like to see shoes too. Sweat. Of course she gave me the stare or said something like excuse me, sell make-up facial stuff one ok. =.=''' Malu.

Right. No make-up stuff inside. lol. But there's a t-shirt.

I sooo love this tshirt. Damn cute to me maybe not to you but whatever. I <3> chern and cai yi bought them too, one's popcorn and ther other sushi. And we are planning to wear it to tuition haha ya alla show off.

Nah. The other pic. Cai yi and me. I took another with e chern but she deleted it. T__________TThere's many colours to choose from btw. Grey pink and white so lalala yea and its cheap too. 3 for RM50. Ok maybe not that cheap la but normal. Haha. Btw, my hair kind of long in this pic right? So happyyyyyy. n.n


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