Saturday, June 7, 2008


I went into my room the other day and saw this on one of the switches.

Hahahahaha. What is it la so cute I was shocked at first coz I thought my bro was playing tricks try to dirty my room and stuff but no!...... Its mummmmy. lol She been like this for a few days now actually since the fuel prices gone up. Sigh. Don't always on aircond, why you forgot to off the lights, eh off the fan la. I've been hearing to these few sentences for quite a number of times already, even said some myself but hey, we have to save now people people!

I officially have a new baby today. My love. Introducing :: *drumroll* Maybelline's oh so brilliant invention yet the unstoppable lash extension mascara. I love this baby so much coz it makes my lashes longer lol wtf. I don't really know what's its made from, some fiber or something coz when I wash it off, it comes out like fiber stuff ok whatever. Hmm. I wanted this baby for a very very long time already actually. Been saving money lol poor what to do but that day momsie so kindly bought for me yayness! Can save my money.

Oh yea, another big news. I cut my hair. AGAIN. Yupe I don't know why I'm like this, one minute say wanna save my hair long long like before and the other minute, I soo wanna go cut my hair now lol. This time my hair looks a bit different though. A bit funky- i-just-wake-up-from-sleep style and.......



.. and counting

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