Friday, July 4, 2008

Kaki Bola-s with a Capital S

Sadly, my brother is one.

And so does my cousin.
I don't know why people like football.

I don't know.
I said I don't know.
You want me to slap you is it. lol wtf.

Well, I understand that MOST girls watch football to check out the hot dudes (mainly becoz i'm one of them. ahem) but seeing a bunch of guy friends concentrating hard on the game is just something I don't understand. After all, its just a ball?
Ok lah. Don't wanna make football fans mad here. Peace peace. Jangan marah marah yer.

Yea. ok, actually I was suppose to tell you guys that I've proudly eaten the MEGA mac burger. Muahehehe~ thanks to auntie margie and uncle janson for sponsor hmm and couz brandon for helping me finish the burger lol I just wanted to try and see whether my whole mouth can accomodate such large burgers and yupe I can!!!!!!! Don't believe go ask my brother lol wtf.

MEGA mac. The burger of all burgers. Sorry la the burger looks cacated coz when I open the box thingy it was already like this ok. Looks cincai-ish right? but taste real real good. n.n

Top it up with a couple of fries. Gah. A meal to die for.


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