Monday, August 18, 2008

Day O1 Seri Menanti Palace

Don't really know whether it is called Seri Menanti Palace coz in Bahasa its Istana Seri Menanti wtf same thing right.
Oooook. This building is kind of cool not very big for a palace if you ask me but hey, for last time sultan sultan it is considered BIG already.
Hmm, considering the woody woody-ish architecture this building is not bad. Its clean. Not smelly. Very educational and best of all it has a nice view!!

Dad getting all excited as usual wtf in the car he was already like super excited while the rest of us were like yeaa aaa ooo okk is it :: that sort of reaction lol

Quite big right? Ok fine its big wtf.

The dining area. I guess the cutlery's are real ones coz they are all rusty and all. Duh what am I crapping sigh.

I am vain and I'm proud of it. xD

Pretending to be those dayang dayang wtfwtfwtf why am I like this lol

Look at the view!! It looks like a mini go-kart actually wee~

The steep stairs i didn't wanna go up "there" coz i don't really wanna show people how I fall wtf. I'm really clumsy incase you don't know.

Welcome to Istana Seri Menanti ti ti ti ti.. *got echo somemore wtf*
Mommy said I look like some globe trekker person or something. lol

Hmm, we had lunch at one of those famous places in Seremban we went to try the clay pot chicken rice dish which is so damn nice!!~ Don't believe? Have a look at these....

That's the chef and he was really friendly. hehe~
We kind of knew this place coz it was in the ho chak show you know that makan makan show on 8tv.

Tell me you're hungry!! Tell me!!!!!!!!!! Tell me nowwww!! haha~ Hmmm. Not convincing enough?

How bout now??

And now? Say it! I know you want to!!!!!!!! I guess the rest of the family enjoys the meal too coz they finished the rice that we ta pao-ed quite fast. hee~

Seremban pao something. Don't know the name i just eat.

Boy, I getting good at this photography thingy. *proud smiles


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