Thursday, August 21, 2008

Day O1 Port Dickson

Ok! Pictures pictures sorry you guys for the delay. Was busy and yea, I cannot go on9 that often anymore trials coming you know. So there will be less bloggin for me. T__T
Anyway........... Here they are ::

The kids.
Gene gets violent in this pic hahaha~ geez don't really know what's so fun about kicking water and "people" (in the case of gene) lol

The uncles trying hard to make fire.

Haha. Tell you what happen in this pic. These 3 boys were watching power rangers or something like that those fighting fighting ones and they were like quite noisy pushing each other infront of the tv choosing their favourite character. Kids. So, yea I got mad and kind off of the tv using the remote haha i'm so evil. And so this is how they look like when I off-ed the tv. hee~
Gene was practically giving me THE STARE wtfwtf.

After 5 minutes or so, Gene Charng Jie and Chern decided to be a supermodels posing like that. hahaha~ cute little fellas.

Big fat juicy chicken wings waiting to be barbequed.

Auntie Chu Lan berlagak "don't know" when taking this picture. lol. Btw, thanks to her we have fresh fruits to eat coz she's always busy cutting fruits.

Uncle Janson playing with little rachel. Look at the difference in their height! Geez.

From left :: Gene's mommy auntie Siew Hwa and Kay Shin. These two people die die also wanna pose for the camera oh well, like mother like son. hee~

Main focus here :: Auntie MARGARET lol. She asked me not too take pics of her and I was like hello this is suppose to be a family togetherness photo thingy so I "accidentally" took one don't care. lalala~ Oh yea, notice that the people in the background are so tense why arh?

The super banyak fishball steamboat.

Gay (i mean the happy gay ok not that gay gay) brother on a diet only eating a hotdog and a piece of don't know what is that.

Eating salad!! whoots!

Daddy trying to peel the ???

Rock? Dinosour egg? Erm, its actually a potato. Hangus version.

All set to barbequeeeee!

hahaha~ what is it laaa.

End this post a pics of the kids. Haha~ Rachel is trying hard to 'fan' Cchern here. cute laaaaa~
More pics to come.


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