Sunday, August 31, 2008

-- Gone Fishin --

I don't like fishes.
Don't like to eat them.
Don't like to touch them.
Don't like to smell them. Yer.

But yesterday I followed dad and bro to the drain outside my house to catch guppies. =.=""'
Since I hate fishes I just took pictures on what was happening that time. Don't wanna have anything to do with the fishes. You do your own thing fishy and I do mine. :x

Lol! Dad use to do this back then when he was younger he did tell me once his hobby was to climb trees. O.o Ook. Moving on..... *whistles away

Erm. The. Guppies. Ok. Next next. *geli-fied

The location wtf. Just outside my house only lah.

I know I look very auntie here don't care lalalala

Playing my part. Erm, on other thoughts......
Better NOT.

Lil bro finding for "gold" ahem guppies. Note that he's wearing gloves haha awww. he's scared too. The fishes are actually swimming at these drains apparently its their habitat omg what am I crapping la. Sigh.

Kicks the tree instead. lol.

After just a few minutes. Yer! fyi, Dad catch these guppies to feed them to his prawn in the aquarium so don't come to me and say "eh phei yee can I order from you 1kg of ikan guppy ah?"
You do that I whack you.

The street. Can you spot the shadow right behind the tree?! Omg!!

Tell you something but promise not to laugh at my driving skills.
I was reversing my car at some location (don't wanna say it here private and confidential wtf) and I didn't realise the gate of one house was WIDELY open so what I do was I happily reverse lalalalalalala
OMG! I damn scared. Don't know what happen and suprisingly I didnt shout. YChern did it for me. lololol.

She was like "you wanna go down and have a look you want?" My reply? No!!! *faster cabut the scene
At first I thought it was ok coz the person's gate wtf has suprisingly no effect. Most of the effect was on my tire shield thingy.

Nah. See what happen? S.P.O.R.T. *scratch* A.G.E.
Sighhh. It was far more worst than this ok mummy hammered it to make it flat again.
Damn scared.
But on the same night, I drove the car out. Haha.
I love myself.


CaiYi September 1, 2008 at 9:46 AM  

phei yee da time ur car been bang is when?? near ur house there o after tuition de time??

princess pHei e September 1, 2008 at 5:46 PM  

wei wei wei, don't tell the whole world la. paiseh lea~ haha

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