Friday, August 29, 2008

I'm in paradise.


I love pavillion. I seriously do. I just don't like the prices there wtf. Wait for me pavillion after a few more years, I'll be your loyal shopper. :p

Just look at the structure! Geez.

And the shops!

I am finally stepping on Pavillion ground. lol ok please forgive me for my gila-ness coz first time been to Pavillion very fascinated.

Went to the food court, holy crap the food court is so classy never been to a classy food court before wtf unlike the food courts in Kuantan ahem. Everything in Pavi seems to be so nice huh.
Hong Kong roast that was what my mum and I had. Dad and bro had some Korean food.

Say it!! I know you're hungry! Saaaaaaaay it!!!!!!!! lol.

Tony Romas people people! Only been there once when I almost puke because the dish I ordered was too huge wtf I wish I was a kid again coz kids get to eat for free there! Argghhh.

Dad's meal.

Back to shopping. Anyone into this brand? Anyone wanna give me some samples i would love to have them. Haha. Apparently, they have this eye lashes corner or something like that and omg i tell you the fake eyelashes damn nice. Me love.

My republic!!! Muahahahahaha. I'm a banana incase you people don't know ok there I've said it!
I'm proud to be a banana.
I'm proud to hold the chopsticks the wrong way.
I'm proud that I can't speak Cantonese.
I'm proud I can only read a few Chinese words.
I'm proud to be a banana.
A banana.
Yes. A Banana.

Paul Frank another of Phei Yee's favourite shop.

Love the chandelier! Random picture btw. Heee~

There are clothes everywhere. *grab a shirt

Leaving pavillion. T_______T
OFF to Midvalley!!
ngeh ngeh.

PS:: thanks auntie Siew Hwa for bringing me there. :)


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