Thursday, August 7, 2008

It's time.

Finally. Today is the AGM meeting for the Form 6ixers and glad to hear that Grace (another grace not me) yes grace is the Incoming President! hehe~ Wei Hong is the Outgoing president and as he was giving his speech, our group at the back was like shouting "We want tai! We want tai!" lol wtf.

The bu suang face lol nolah ask him to do that facial expression.

Here's the Incoming President! ^^
(notice the guy at the back damn slumber, must be checking out hot chicks wtf lol)

Most of the time we were playing around at the back (as usual la not paying attention).
Some of us were sleeping. *coughs* lim meei siew* coughs*

5 minutes before.....

5 minutes after.... sleepy head. :X

Voting session was kind of blurry for me coz I don't really know the participants except grace so, I just followed the majority yer why I so bad right oh well. hee~

Incoming-presidents-to-be goofing around.

Happy Voters. ^^

Jern Foong trying to explain the functions of the cam. I know la my pbsm t-shirt look like pyjamas what to do memang like that already. *hurmp.

Oh yea, someone brought this to school.

Yupe. Bonjela the ultimate medicine for ulcers urrghh hate ulcers.

Promoter Bonjela paling cantik tahun 2008. See her face damn smooth cis~

So what we did was we tried to use bonjela as eyemo. Hahahaha why are we like that laaa~
Chui mean was the guinea pig. :x See.. even yee chern can't believe her eyes. Tisk Tisk Tisk.

WARNING :: Kids , don't try what jie jie is doing now at home. Its dangerous ok. lolol wtf.

All in all,
WE seniors lol like very big liddat are very pleased with the outcome of the AGM. All the best to the new batch of KEPTES! Happy working with Datin Genga. lololol.


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