Sunday, August 31, 2008

Lil Couz

Cousin Rachel is getting cuter each time I see her.

Somebody has bob hair man. hee~

She had ice-cream and I had chicken cornish thanks e chern for introducing chic cornish to me omg damn nice. *argh hungry!

There she goes again this time with a balloon.

Fascinated. O.o
I've only been to midV once in my life wtf yes i know. I got lost honestly I don't know where's where's sigh. Leg hurts alot walking from shop to shop gahh I need new shoes.
My mission that day was to hunt for my oh I've-so-long-desired-jacket and I found it! at elle. I've walked in and out of elle several times and tried lots of jackets and end up not choosing them and leave and come back again lol the promoter must be thinking I'm crazy.

Camwhoring while cousin was busy playing hide and go seek wtfwtf. Anyway, I didn't know there's Momoe in MidValley.......... Sweat.............................
Just let me die now.
I only discovered it when I went makan makan at the food court.
Don't care die die also wanna buy something from there ; persuade mommy, she agrees and yay! Got a new pair of shorts. Muahaha i love myself. Thank god it was on discount too.

I'm tired from all the buying. :P

WTF!!!??!?!?! #^%$&^%$&^#@%
Found this in auntie's theater room.


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