Friday, September 26, 2008

Foundation woes.

Remember the foundation I bought that day? When I applied it for the very first time I got many comments :: yer, why your face so white, like ghost la you, hmm, you look like those chinese opera people. =.="""""""""""""""""""""""""""

Ok people people thank you very much for your comments wtf but luckily I still receive a positive comment from ee loe saying it was quite ok not that white and smoother already my face lol thank u thank u.

Now e chern was like phei yee you have to finish your foundation ah. Remember. Lol wtf ok fine I'll finish it. Hmm, I kind of went to a certain website to check out how to apply foundation the professional way wtf and the first tip was like ::

~ choose a foundation which is suitable for you; if you have a lot of blemishes get a darker foundation.

WTF. I didn't even obey the first rule. lol. Aiyah nevermind I don't really care. I still love it. Hee~

PS :: Going back to Malacca tomorrow! Yipee!


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