Friday, September 19, 2008


Hmm. Why do they call it mid-autumn festival anyway? Why don't they call it Happy MoonCake Festival wtf make life so much easier. So so so so so, this year was the first year I celebrated at the beach! With my friends! lol never celebrated at the beach coz its always so so full of people and I hate crammed up places. Thats the reason why I hate those clubs where sweaty people start dancing and ok enough. You get the picture.

We decided to have barbeque! yayayayayaya and went as early as 6pm? lol to book at so called suitable spot.

Setting up the fire was tough..

But we gave that job to the man. lol

Instead the girls did some poking poking of the chicken wings and some meatball which actually tastes quite good. :)
Well, I felt kinda guilty not really helping out I don't really know what to do wtf. I was devastated enough already that I forgot my camera and all these pics are wei xin's. Sigh.

So, I end up playing wei hong's camera and trying to be a professional taking pics of everything wtf.

Some of us play kite. lol I played too and it's so not easy ok looks easy but no..... It's not.
Practice makes prefect and soon after we were having fun! Good form of exercise too I should say.

Soon the whole beach was so damn packed with people never seen so many people in my life.

Ha! Kai yik mui. Chicken wing girl thats what we call her. lol She was so busy bbq-ing wings the whole nite! Manage to camwhore with her also eventhough didnt bring own camera wtf.

Ahhh.. Our errr crooked half destroyed irregular nice lanterns. Proud of them coz I recycled them from last year. ^^ We must not waste!

I look like I'm drunk here omg I just drank a sip of Heineken I almost puck. Hate it.

Ahh...... Serenity.......
Ain't it pretty? ^^


princess pHei e September 20, 2008 at 12:15 PM  

u guys got examm~~
so only few people luuu.

Janson September 22, 2008 at 1:49 PM  

aduh, manalah tradisi mooncake!!???
makan mooncake sambil ber-teh cina...

ada pulak berdaging BBQ...

mooncake+Daging... combination tak betul!!!

whatz thiz? anyway, formula baru gempak.. i should try also..


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