Thursday, October 2, 2008

Bye Bye

The last DAY of tuition has finally arrived. Sigh this means that I would have to do my maths exercises alone otherwise I would be like this fella here ::

Teacher did a great job preparing for us gifts and stuff before we left. There's even lucky draw haha she asked us to write our name on pieces of paper so she can draw lots later so we wrote our name and all sorts nonsense like "pick me!" or "teacher I want a LV bag" wtf why are we like this.

Hello Everybody!
Anyway, teacher gave each one of us bookmark. Very cute ones with a bee on it.

Sigh. When are my pimples going away. T____________T
I asked han leong to strike a serious and a cute pose for me and he gave me these ::

Okk. Thank you very much Mr. Han Leong.
Not forgetting the pizza!

And...... the chicken wing. What's with Han Leong?!

Moving on, Ee loe bought a magazine that day V mag if I'm mistaken and we where checking it out when we came across a few pages where there's this pretty chick doing pretty poses so we ask wh and jf to try them out and see how they would look like.

Model No. 1

Model No.2 WTF! hahahahahahaha

Model No.3 omg.

This is us.

We are members of the F*** you society. Hahahaha.

Lucky Draw was nice but sadly I wasn't so lucky. T________T These two are you can tell by their face expression lol.
All good things would come to an end.
Thank you Teacher for everything!


CaiYi October 2, 2008 at 5:36 PM  

haha, guest wat?? I got 1 lucky draw. But at last, the present just left the shirt n da nike bag... so i choose da nike bag n gave it to pasheena, since she wants it... lol...

princess pHei e October 3, 2008 at 6:27 PM  

yer! why don't wanna give me. haha
don't wanna friend you dy. blek.

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