Monday, October 13, 2008

G_R_A_D_U_A_T_I_O_N nite 2008

I've graduated! Well, hmm actually no. I still have STPM next month sigh cannot afford to play play around anymore.
Hee~ As my friends and I know, we are the naughtiest and noisy batch ever in SMART I guess lol. But we love it. :P no friends no life man so gonna miss you guys after this.
SO for this graduation nite we planned some unexpected stuff to "SURPRISE" our beloved juniors which includes ::

(a) wearing colourful colors to the GN : it was suppose to be BLACK AND GLAMOUROUS nite but we decided to pimp it colourful. hahahaha

(b) pasted all our tickets together and enter the hall together making the juniors confused who's who lol we're so bad.

Like this. lol sorry its not very very clear.

(c) took to such a long time to get into the hall coz we were busy taking pictures and not listening sorry juniors.

Ok enough crapping back to the pictures. These were taken in JF's house before we went together.

Meei Siew and Mua.

Yee and Loe. DOn't worry Loe you look really pretty U always are . :)

Both of us in purple hmm eventhough mine is darker. XD

Pretty duo.

Moving on, ee loe went to park her car when omg we say THE JAGUAR. omg omg omg omg.
*runs and pose for pictures at the car wtf*

***** Photo session time *****

Chian Yaw. I wish I could have her hair sobs*

The boys.

Chuu Yii is always oh so pretty. Hee~

And did I say she looks pretty in EVERY pic lol and she's so tall. *envy*

Faren-kee hahawtfwtf kee suai ke.

Professional photographer.

Jam Packed!

Awww. Taking pictures with the smartest girl in school is indeed a priviledge.

See what I mean haha~

Hello again!

Phui Yoke and Phei Yee sharing the same initials PY. hee~

And this is me!

JF says "She's the BOMB! Check her out"

Juniors. You guys are so sweet. :)

***** The Event Begins *****

The ballroom was kind of beautiful coz we're the first batch of people to use it after its renovation. Ohhhh. ok that explains why its so clean btw, this was in Hyatt. :)

Outgoing and incoming president pour-ing the apple juice omg I felt this session was like a wedding wtf hahahha.

Me giving out the flower to Jie Yin junior I kind of made a fool out of myself coz I took quite a long time to open the pin sigh why am I like this.

Some other people sorry I don't know both your names.

The stars of the nite I guess haha~

Miss Irene!! Hello!! I love your song Mamma Mia!

This was my table. :)

These are who I'm sitting with such nice ladies.

Finally got to take picture with mei ting.

Graduation teddy! me love. Omg I look like very matured with this look don't you think? Hmm, Maybe I not really use to this look. My hair is all curly again!!!~ yaya~

Us. Ok now may e and jun yan is ignoring the camera wtf.

Us again! A better pic lol

In the toilet haha we will never learn :P

Toilet buddy fyi my eyelashes are not that long actually and its not my mascara that helps it so you guys go figure la hor.

Jia Hwa.
My hair stylist for the day thanks jian han!

One big happy family. The picture is really small so you guys pandai pandai lah ok all of you photoshop expert so should know what to do.

Best of friends.

This is for you guys 6AS1.

Together with Miss Irene.


With Jia Hwa again hee~

And that's a rap!! fuf finally.

PS :: Feel free to copy these pictures and don't forget to share some of yours with me!

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