Saturday, October 25, 2008

jay baby is back!

jay baby jay baby jay baby jay baby jay baby jay baby

woohoo wee yipee yee haa bubuububububu! lol wtf.
Finally got the album already thank god I thought it would take forever to have it but now, hehehehehe~ he's all mine muahaha *coughs perasan coughs*

As usual, jay is as leng zhai as ever and yes mind you, he is. Ahem anyway, I was having a big smile on my face when I went to get the CD but the smile kinda fade away when I couldn't find the CD on the rack wuuwuwuwuwu gave me a fright but but but its just my eyes that deceive me wtf I kinda "overlook" the album cover coz he look so different in this one!

This time his album cover is abit Transformers-ish and I love it!! heeeeeee~

Oh yea, there's also a contest form in it grr its in chinese but the prize is a cool watch so, here's what, any of my friends can help me translate ? hahahahaha and if I win I borrow you the watch for 2 weeks lah hahahahahaha so cheap. Nah just joking can ignore what I said just now.

Hmm, I forced everyone in the family to be a part of the "Jay Circle" wtf.

Lil bro doesn't like jay T______T How could you!?!!!

Lil Ricky hmm likes Jay?

Lil Phei E loves jay!

Still loving!

Still still loving wtf ok enough.

*faints and melts*


Janson October 26, 2008 at 12:30 AM  

aduh, Jay Chou lagi!!
anyways, aku terserempak dengan sebuah HANDPHONE Motorola yang Gempak!!!!

Jay Chou limited EDITION... I tell u..

Pergi kat link ni untuk keterangan lanjut...

princess pHei e October 26, 2008 at 4:54 PM  

really really?
ok! i'll check it out. ;)

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