Saturday, October 4, 2008

Jonas B

Nick Jonas, Joe Jonas and Kevin Jonas.
I don't know why but I have this current obsession towards Jonas Brothers. Hmm, maybe because of the camp rock and disney channel games phenomenon otherwise I can't find any other reason why.
Oh wait I know why.
They're HOT.

Very Very HOT.

Sizzling HOT.

A few minutes ago I asked my bro what if Joe Jonas my favourite suddenly appeared in front of my bedroom door wtf of course I would go ballistic coz I look damn ugly auntie-ish at home. Wake up lah phei yee don't think so much and go study.

Joe Jonas erm the left one! omg so good looking.

Fuuh! look at their fans. Sigh. No chance already la like that T________T

Omg. Please kill me now. SO cuttteeeee Joe B.

Awwww. :D

I guess this was when they were abit younger. :D

I want to be in Miley's place so badly right how.


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