Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Loe's Birthday Bash

Happy *belated* birthday loe!
It was the first time I went to ee loe's house yesterday. Well, she's neighbours with miss Ong so I thought the interior would be the same but omg. I got the shock of my life.
Loe's house is so beautiful...

And Omg. Ee loe has a baby grand piano and I only knew it yesterday wtfwtf. And and and it's black......
Aren't these emoticons cute. I going to use them from now onwards.

It's sooo pretty.......... *the piano I mean wtf* Cannot resist it so I started playin. Haha~
Ok now back to the party.

This is ee loe's new member of her rabbit family :: Junior! Hope loe like her present. Oh yea, the hot girl who's holding it is none other than Brazilian Model Lim Shik Lin. lol

Awww. So sweet.
The rest of the night was spend with karaoke and modelling sessions wtf.

WTFFF. hahahahahahaha. Ok this was what happened. There were lots and lots of colourful balloons in the living room and it would be a waste not taking pictures with it see so, we somehow played with the props, creatively wtf. E chern was the photographer and Jern Foong start throwing balloons to create those "studio pictures"effect haha.

Percubaan Pertama. See the balloons floating. Hahahahaha. But what's up with this pose laaa.

Percubaan Kedua. WTFFF. hahahahaha.

Karaoke time. XD

In the room with chamieeee~ omg why do I look like mommy so much in this picture?!

End! I enjoyed the party thanks a bunch loe you're a great host. :)


CaiYi October 2, 2008 at 5:35 PM  

phei yee, y u didnt take photo with me?? lolzzz, I didnt get to take photo during ee loe's party, may be i'll grab from u here... k??

e Loe October 3, 2008 at 12:40 AM  

omg! i never know u guys did so many things that night. too busy la. and it was the first time i feel the pond is beutiful =)
Junior is very fine with me, don't worry.

princess pHei e October 3, 2008 at 6:29 PM  

ee loe :: its ok ee loe your party was great! ok. Junior is now in your hands. :)

cai yi :: yalor. You went back early is it? Didnt see you already after that. No problem you can grab.

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