Friday, October 17, 2008


I've been doing maths for the past 3 days intensively and I feel like gah!! everytime I don't know how to answer a question. Why must it be freaking hard? And the "good news" is I have about 6 more sets to go. Gah! I don't wanna live no more. T___________T

And that's only maths!

Chemistry gah no need introduction anymore. I would be damn satisfied that I got 3A's which excludes chemistry goodness.
The substance that kept me going thru the night :: COFFEE.
But I guess I cannot drink so much coz I would get addicted and blabla not good for health plus I don't wanna look like the little boy in the "meet the robinson's show" goob or something like that his name haha

Isn't he so cute? Actually in the movie you can see his eye bags and stuff and he always drink coffee to keep him awake haha so damn cute right. I guess I'm something like that hmm the coffee drinking part that is.
Gah. Still in dilemma.....
Bout my maths.....
And chemistry.....

PS :: Going to kl next weekend gah need to study evenmore to cover up leisure time. T______________________T


Margaret October 20, 2008 at 11:37 AM  

got time to go KL some more?
dengan SIAPA???

.. and counting

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