Sunday, October 19, 2008

One Life.

Life is precious.
One should be thankful to be alive, living with the ones you love and most importantly HIV free.
Hmm, well I gotta amit that I do not take HIV seriously and don't really know what its all about. I mean come on la, I wouldn't get HIV so I don't really care about it la. Hmm, but I guess we cannot make assumptions to early huh.

Anyway, today I went to this *awareness campaign thingy* in ec mall which is really cool.
It's the ONE LIFE campaign where people are briefed with HIV.
Neat stuff!

Up close.
The effect was really nice. They kinda put you thru this maze where inside you would experience the feeling of a person with HIV positive. Their everyday life and how they cope with it. Touching.

And guess what? They told me I was HIV Positive wtf! Haha~ nolah actually they just want you to experience how it feels like. I don't want HIV... T____T Never never never.

The crowd was huge! But luckily somehow I manage to spot some of my friends already lining up so hehehe~ *selit selit inside* lol.

There you go people people. No HIV if you prevent it ok. Conclusion is don't be so ham sap.
Ok. Went to HK food and tea after that for lunch.

Brother trying to figure out how to tighten his bangle thingy. He looks old for a 15 year old hor. Sometimes people think he's my boyfriend.

What the?!!


My red tea and I.


CaiYi October 19, 2008 at 8:11 PM  

yer... I got no chance to go to see the thing ler.... That day when we want to go see, but it havent start yet... sad...

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