Friday, October 31, 2008


I have three items to talk about today decided to jumble all of them up, lazy tell one by one. :P

It seems like the whole world is going green now which is a good thing!
Speaking bout going green, my mum just bought this plant from ikea the other day.
Yea you heard me, ikea, the place where people go buy furniture but mummy buy no furniture just plants wtf. FYI, mummy loves plants she got this thing in her called "green fingers" :)
And yea, the other day the hibiscus in our house kinda bloom after a very long time and mummy was like "Yee, faster take the camera!" wtf.

Ok now I'm going to show the world the hibiscus in my house compound. Damn huge right? Last time I didn't even know there was one in my very own garden or should I say FOREST of plants (mummy have lots of plants omg) She likes it when people likes her plants so whenever you see her just say " Auntie I love your plants! Then she'll be very happy dy hahaha so cute.
While taking pictures of the flower, Ricky came.

He was like "woof woof woof Ricky peace out!" haha wtf which I think it meant My name is Ricky peace out lol damn lame lah.

Yesterday night, went to Pashe's house for deepavali dinner. Thanks Pashe! And of course we took some pictures.

Hello everybody! Haiyo so ugly la can see our leg bend like that.

Free style pose lol.

Another society we created. This time it's the Bangle society wth.

Us. Loe looks cute here. n.n Btw, my face looks fat weee~ happy happy joy joy happy happy joy.

All smiles!


Hello Chern Chern!


Take 1 :
Everyone wasn't ready yet lol.
Damn weird my pose wtf! and no I'm not touching or pulling my skirt it was suppose to be an upside down peace sign but dunno how turn out like that. geez.

Take 2 :
WTF this pose more ugly wei!!!!!!!!!!!!! yer why I like that one laaaa.
But no choice everyone else looks good in this pic.
"One must not be selfish and only think of one self" Quote by Phei Yee 2008.

I finally cut my fringe and woohoo its free. Who cut it for me? jian haaan~ haha wtf people junior hairstylist already ok don't play play. We always joke around that he and amber chia *you lu* direct tanslation :: got road hahaha wtf meaning together gether la.
Ok now, let me show you the difference.

BEFORE >>>>>>>

Hahaha damn emo right what to do stpm coming.

Just wanna pose this pic coz my eyelashes are seen quite obvious here and I didn't do nothing to it. weee~

Ok are you ready for this.


Nice anot? JHan just cut my fringe and a lil bit on the side ny haha Don't say I don't know or what's the difference later I spank you only you know.

Super tall 190cm future hairstylist over and out!


CaiYi October 31, 2008 at 9:39 PM  

erm... cut dy like didn't cut like that... lol...
phei yee, u vut it after pashe's open house right?? cuz tat day i didn't notice that u cut ur hair...

princess pHei e November 1, 2008 at 1:03 AM  

huh? where got la. That time I cut already.
Wah. I sien dy lo u say like that. haha

Janson November 1, 2008 at 3:08 PM  

aduh, apa tu???? kenapa tak nampak macam rambut ???

princess pHei e November 2, 2008 at 11:58 AM  

huh? what u mean uncle janson? not like my hair?!!!!!!!!
it is my hair!!!!!!!!

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