Thursday, November 20, 2008


Hey hey.
First week of exams are over thank GOD!
Mix feelings I had during the exam, don't wanna talk to much about it gah ok now, its irritating I'll tell. I OFFICIALLY have no confidence in getting an A for my maths no more! Why Why Why is it so freaking hard? Sigh. Target of getting 3A wouldn't be fulfill I guess. T___T
Anyway, I don't wanna brag or anything but you guys have to check out the latest fridge pa and ma got.

Its huge! like i mean huge! And first time I see fridge with four doors lol wtf.

Please ignore the unpleasant looking background wtf the camera was running out of battery so I just took a few fast pics.


One thing unsual bout this fridge is that it's freezer is at the bottom like huh? Who takes ice-cream from the bottom of the fridge? =.="" o. phei yee does.. =.='''''''''''''''''''''''''''''

Aaaa.. I like this the best. Making ice wouldn't be that troublesome no more! Muahahaha coughs*

Hmm, btw this fridge has an alarm. hahahahaha wtf incase me brother go take excess amount of food, RING RING RING! hahahaha and if he takes extra vitagen to drink per day, RING RING RING!! hahahaha i'm starting to love this fridge man.
Nolar, actually the alarms only rings when you didn't close the fridge tight cool huh.
And oh wait you gotta hear this, it has a child lock hahahahahaha! nicer that way if bro gets naughty stuff him into the fridge and lock it wtf.
So, we gotta becareful from now onwards, mummy would lock the fringe if we are naughty.
Uuuu Ohhh...


.. and counting

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