Sunday, November 9, 2008

I shouldn't...........

.......... be blogging now omg why am I like this? I know I should not be blogging but I still wanna blog sigh I sick of STPM.
It is making me sick.
Studying makes me sick.Maths makes me sick.
Biology makes me sick.
Chemistry makes me sicker.
I'm not a very "chemistry" person sigh.
General studies? not very sick la. hee~
The arrangements of the tables in the exam room makes me sick.
By the way, my sitting position in the exam room is near the window and no, I didn't get to sit beside mei ting. Darn it! We were talking and said that shi yin is one lucky girl coz she gets to sit beside mei ting during exam lol wtf.
Anyway, back to my dilemma.
The good thing about siting next to the window, fresh air?!
And just incase I wanna suicide because the questions are too hard, I can just jump out of the window lol wtf joking ny laa I'm not that stupid.
The bad thing is when it rains... sigh let's just say my exam papers will get wet. Sweat. =.="

Oh yea, I just received a mail the other day to inform me that I would be attending a camp when I'm in Japan!! Omg so happy but but but they say I would have to present something during the camp omg~~~ haha I can't sing or dance very well wei~ haha.

la~ fan dance that is~ Anyway, yoke and I decided that we are goin to practice our fan dance thingy after STPM so oklol honestly I suck at it.
I'm more of a cheerleader dancer person than a traditional dancer person wtf.
But for JAPAN, I would do it! woo~ can't wait. :P
FOR now, STPM awaits meee~
*back to the books*


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