Friday, November 7, 2008

Jia Jia oii~

Jia Shyen cousin is getting cuter day by day. Just the other day, her mum send over some pics of her with her supermodal poses lol wtf like her big cousin sister *coughs phei yee* and it is so darn cute! Here, let me show you ::

Miss Chinese Pagent Junior lol Isn't she adorable?

Another one. I think she's wearing the korean baju thingy. n.n

Or.. maybe not. lol seems like she's force to smile here.

WTF!!!! hahahahahaha damn cute la wei.. Got her little hand in her pocket somemore amber chia watch out!

Say cheeese!
Big brother gene wey and little sis Rachel. I love Gene's shirt btw, "somebody who loves me very much went to Canada and got me this shirt." Cute. n.n

PS :: I'm goin to have another lil cousin in a few days time, well actually if all goes well, TOMORROW! heee~ can't wait.


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