Saturday, November 22, 2008

new hair style... AGAIN.

As you guys know, I love to change my hairstyle lol I like my hair to be nice ok, it portrays part of my image ok bla bla have a look at this and tell me whether it's nice ant aite? :)

Hee~ And here's another ::

I just cut my fringe la actually not much difference. hee~
Hmm, this hairstyle doesn't cost me a dime yayayayay wtf.
My secondary-hood friend kenny cut it for me n.n
So if you guys wanna get the same haircut or something, find this dude here::

Yea ladies, he's single and ready to mingle! hahaha wtf.
I'll give you his number if you ask politely lol wtf joking la, he'll kill me.
Can find him at SS2 USJ (is that correct btw? the way kay elle ppl say it? lol) Thomas and Guys. He works there junior hairstylist man don't playplay *coughs he ask me to write this sentence hahaha wtf*

Since I'm helping to promote MR. Kenny, He should CHENG ME YAM CHA.
Thank you.

Hmm, went Johny's makan makan that day, decided to camwhore and show off my hair to the waiters and waitresses there lol why am I like this. And yea, did you notice that the waiters there are very polite?
"Miss, enjoy your meal."
ooOoo. "Miss". I like that. :P

Damn nice the tom yam soup!


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