Thursday, December 4, 2008


I'm not use to this, being free, no need to touch my books. Already today I started collecting my exercise papers and recycling them lol bye bye books! *well at least for now*
I was finding for things to do just now and I end up having a mini fashion show with my winter clothes mix and match wtf hahahaha~
Ok ok let me explain. I was actually in the process of choosing which coat I would bring laa coz I have so many winter clothes from different aunties and sadly no, I cannot bring all.
As an avid fan of Cawaii mag, I decided to do this lol mainly to make it more fun. n.n

Take one. WTF serious face wei!

Take two.
At first I was really into the serious-model-looking pose and stuff but after awhile I was tired and I look kinda dumb and ugly so.... you figure out the rest. n.n

Emo pic. Having black/dark purple nails again! yipee!

First coat. Love the furrr but I'm an animal lover too ok don't get me wrong.

Mysterious. O.o

Don't ask. I don't know why I do this.


Red scarf.

Second coat/sweater whatever you call it. Its quite big huh? but mummy say nooooo. Owhkay then.

I wanna go toilet pose. hahahaha~ wtf. Third coat btw.

I don't really know how to put my legs together and make them look nice. I really don't get it. T___T

Credits to the photographer. I think he suffered enough while doing this. lol

PS :: I'm not good of a poser. I can't pose. I suck at it.
Like really.


.. and counting

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