Friday, December 5, 2008


Today is a good day.
Nice day.
Great day.
For shopping hehehehe~
Went to EC mall, grab a few stuff from padini and went to kamdar to buy kaftan for my host mommies.
It was the first time I went to Kamdar lol and I was quite impressed that they do sell other "modern" clothes rather than baju kurung textiles and stuff. O.o

Anyway anyway, I bought new shades today!!

Taddaa! I told mum I wanted shades like Paris Hilton and she gave me "the stare" lol.

Best of all.... Its white! White white white white in conjuction with christmas. n.n

What do u think? :)
When I was choosing the shades, I was quite flattered when an auntie near by said to her daughter "Dia pakai warna putih cantik la, Saya pakai tak cantik" lol! She was trying those white shades as well, so I went and chat with her, "warna putih sekarang warna 'in' kan" wtf lol thats all I said and gave a smile. n.n

Honestly I never ever bought clothes and accesories from PADINI until RM180.30 WTF haiz,
just bought a few accesories, a low shoulder sweater like shirt, clothes for lil bro. Thats all geez scary.
But nevermind dad had some vouchers so we use them instead muahehehehe.

S.H.O.P.A.H.O.L.I.C. :p


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