Wednesday, December 3, 2008

on9 shoppin and random thoughts

I never ever ever ever in my life thought of shoppin for clothes on9 lol but now, it's all different. muahahaha.
And little did I know that the clothes are so nice!
Like really! Ok. Maybe it looks nice on the models only but hey, we will just have to wait and see.
Belum try belum tau, sudah try hari hari mau. lol wtfwtf.

This is what I'm getting. So colourful and cute! n.n

And oh my gosh, take a closer look at this girl's leg man! Flawless! *sure edited kao kao wtf*

They have white too but I think black better eee.

This one is nice too, kinda old for me? hee~ but nice. Didn't buy it, only bought one.
Hmm, all these are nice too ::



Guess what/who makes me sit like that happily excitedly.

Yupe that's right!
JAY !!!!!!
Jay if you're reading this, you're so hot. hahaha~


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