Sunday, December 21, 2008

p chan -- himeji japan

Hello again. This time gonna talk about the places I went to already hehe ok so, Lions club auntie midori and uncle brought me to himeji castle and museum coz its apparently very very famous and it`s one of the worlds heritage ooo.


wtf cannot even see my face lol

Trying to use the shortcut lol the castle is high up so we need to climb fuf damn tired.
Oh yea, and there`s this custom in Japan where every end of the year, everybody would do a big big spring cleaning and so, we have here the Japanese self defense force cleaning up the castle lol so cute imagine being all muscular dressed up in full uniform then taking duster and dusting the place.

Himeji castle is said to be magical coz from the outside its 6 levels i think but actually there`s 7 lol like that also can. Hmm, the castle is not the king`s house or something though, it only acts as storage place for food and salt ooo what a waste, would be a nice house for me lalalalal~


There`s super many hidden rooms for samurais too hide when war. Auntie Midori became my translater fuf thank god coz i get all blur when a Japanese speak to me thinking that I would reply wtf. Anyway, it is said that the samurais are very handsome some of them i mean, but when i see some of the potraits drawn, omg this is call handsome. yerr.
Went shopping at night and to pick up Ayuka from piano class. Her cheerleading class and piano class is in the shopping mall how cool is that can take opportunity to shop lol wtf
And guess whaaat host sis bought for meeeee..............

Tell me I look hot hahahahaha wtf.

SO GOOD MY HOST SIS OMG DAMN HAPPY THAT TIME I KEPT ON SMILING LOL OMG AND ITS NOT CHEAP! She said that this is a challenge which is to wear a wig lol what kind of freaking nice challenge is that man!! lol i am sooo happy *tears of joy* I asked her how much and whether it is expensive, she said no no no present present omg omg omg. When I checked the price wtf 8500 yen wtfwtfwtf damn expensive ok. *tears of joy again*

At last, I get to have long curly hair again yayness!

Ok, I gotta go coz host sis wanna sleep dy, I have lotsa pics somemore sobs maybe next time.

Till then sayonara! wtf damn japanese dy lol


Janson December 21, 2008 at 10:35 PM  

jealousnya aku!!!

anyways.. kenapa of all things dia bagi engkau rambut palsu???
pelik, aku tak faham??? why not gameboy, PSP, dress, handphone tapi rambut??? kenapa ???

also, boleh upload gambar host family kamu tak, aku eager nak tengok keluarga ni.

princess pHei e December 22, 2008 at 4:14 PM  

haha. its a japanese girl thing laa. haha. they bought for me other stuff also hehe

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