Monday, December 22, 2008

p chan -- kimono ing


Kimono kimono kimono finally get to wear it muahaha.
I was quite shock actually coz it was not written in my schedule so yea, when auntie midori said I would be a princess today I was like huh? until she showed me the pic then I get all excited lol
But this time the kimono I wore was quite different and very very heavy arghh I think it was a winter kimono coz its 12 layers thick wtf seriously.
Sorry aa all these photos not that nice coz no Picasa to help me edit here T___T

Ermmm, auntie midori insist on me riding the horse lol. I was scared honestly coz its high and my pants are err tight.

This is the first layer and to me its already thick wtf hmm and I didnt wear it myself there were 2 pretty jie jie helping me. Imagine me wearing it myself lol.

Ohh. Here they are. Japanese girls are superly gentle sigh direct opposite of me. I lost count of how many layers by the way.

Still putting. I think it took about an hour sish I wonder how ancient ladies wore this and walk around I cant even move. Oh yea, focus at my face everyone lol I think I fat dy wtf face damn round hmm, but this is not unusual coz I eat alot here plus my family has rice for breakfast! Heavy heavy breakfast, today got steamboat somemore lol.

Tour guide auntie of the museum speaks good english yay! See See See almost 90% of Japanese girls damn pretty sighhhh so good.

Tadaa! Final product.

................... Like taking wedding photos wtf

Uncles paid for everything food purikura photos museum entry tickets -mine you there`re not cheap- everything. Thanks!


Camwhoring with wiggy lol.

Next week goin Universal Studio and Skiing yay!

Till then!


.. and counting

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