Monday, December 22, 2008

p chan -- shopping

Shopping in Japan is paradise I tell ya! No doubt it is expensive but if you know where to shop then its paradiseeeeee! There are many many 100 yen shops here which is about hmm, RM3.93 like that lol and they sell many many many many things, mascara accesories fake eyelashes (super banyak) kitchen stuff gardening stuff bla bla bla. I bought a necktie for daddy there lol.

AND omg damn many hello kitties here but very expensive T____T but nevermind 100 yen shop also got a few lol

And its pink wuwuwuwuwuwu why so expensive. Love the bag but T________T expensive.

Woo. I spotted this. O.o

Hmm, I lovee eating time and this is why it is so ::

After lunch, went purikura-ing. I loooooveeeee purikuraaaaa. There are lots of these here. Almost every shopping mall.

Lil Narumu also likes it lol.


PS : Phei Yee did not spend any money today. * shock* Yes I know Imma good girl thank you wtfwtf coz host sis paid for everything hee~


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