Thursday, December 4, 2008


Some said it was a farewell party coz meei siew would be going to norway a few days later. But I treated it as a after the exam woohoo all girls nite out party. n.n
When to johnnys lol not too cheap not too expensive, stemboat for 10.
Oh yea, and we kinda met miss irene with her dad there too.
Mei ting was like miss irene! and I was searching searching where is she, she was actually just right infront of me wtf. lol.

An all together photo. Cacated somehow lol

Take two. The cam was on timer thats why the pics are so cacat coz I had to run all the way back to my seat and *smile* and accidentally block echern wtf.

Camwhore queens.

Liking my sprite.

Liking the spinach noodles.

Liking the yam something something.

The couple. Shik Lin straighten her hair the day before! *jealous*

Show. me. the. moneeey.

All smiles from Mei ting and Shi yin.

Curi-ing food! lol
Oh yea, did I mention that we were running late for our movie TWILIGHT!?
omg omg, that is the nicest show ever, in this year I mean.
Tell you guys in the next post. :)


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