Tuesday, December 9, 2008


Itsss been a loooong time since I've been to starbucks.
Chocolate chip cream yum, i crave for it every single day.
Well, not actually but hey, I still craaave for it hehe and today I can finally enjoy it.
And best of all got PEOPLE belanja hahahahaha~

Girls. :) Why we always take pic so far apart waaaaan. Am i smelly or something lol wtf.

Christmas is coming! i love the cups at starbucks. Big and all but its really expensive geez.

Thank you for the "teh" haha

The chips are nice. It was e chern's lunch actually wtf eat so little. Check out her purse damn loaded this girl so thick.


Suck-ish fingernails. grrr. just applied the colour the other day. T_T



We looooove christmas!!

Isn't it obvious? hehehe~


Decorations everywhere lalalala~

Even santa is cute. n.n

Sasa is also in the mood for christmas.

**************************** RANDOM **********************************

Trying to repeat the same pose over and over again wtf bored la in the car.
I like my messy hair even though i look like a beggar. Correction. Classy beggar. xD

And I have a new pet :: Booogerr.


Was converse-ing too. No sale haiz if got sale also only 10% what the heck better don't have at all.
And instead of purchasing stuff, I camwhore wtf.

Coz the lighting is nice. ;)



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