Tuesday, January 13, 2009

...... ec mall mng outlet

....... makes me speechless in a bad way.
Aih, say no more I think everybody knows why.
Anyway, chinese new year is around the corner!

Taken at carrefour wth.

This picture has nothing to do with cny lol.
Guess where I took it aaa so simple. :)

That day, I was chatting with my auntie siew hwa thru msn asking her whether this year's angpow would be bigger lol wtf and she said no hahaha~ still the same. Oh yea, and we were talking about how my bowling sucks in facebook, and she said she IS better and I said BRING it on during cny on lol so cute hor my auntie. So, seems like this cny we will see some bowling action! lol

Uncle Janson or Auntie Margaret if you're reading this, do book a bowling alley (lane is that what they call?) for us kids hahaha~ do we have to book actually?! It would be fun to see us cousins battling each other out in a bowling tournament instead of chor tai ti every year and end up losing our money to the banker auntie siew hwa wtf lol.


Janson January 14, 2009 at 1:37 PM  

instead of bowling why not BERKARAOKE at AGOGO?

.. and counting

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