Thursday, January 29, 2009

happy chinese new year yo!

LOL i am always so so late to wish everybody, first late to wish everyone happy new year, now cny also wish late sorry sorry its the thought that counts right haa~

Anyway, I'm still in malacca, using my uncle's lappie to blog duh i cannot use my psp to blog that would be like freaking slow. Facebook goes well with ma psp so thank god! at least something. Speaking bout psp, i saw games for my psp already omg like finally! geez. But as I expected, they are all boy games arghh football manager, medal of honour wtf lalala shit no girly games. I did saw one which is spongebob and its cheap, well at least cheaper than the others, but i dont think the graphics are nice. There's narnia too, but aih dont like narnia if harry potter then its a different story all together lol

Ok back to chinese new year story lol super terpesong already.
CNY this year was and still is fun!
First of all brand new hair for brand new (chinese) year.
Cousin kenny said i was lala wtf damn you but I know deep down you dont mean it cousin so i forgive you LOL
Sorry I cannot upload any pics now, I forgot to bring my memory card reader back shit so, cannot upload pics sighh.
Will upload tomorrow so be patient you guys. :)

First day of CNY ::
Went to ah po's house.
Went to church.
Get many ang pows lol.
Wait "patiently" for Ah Yong korr to come and fetch us go out wtf. He keep asking me "Phei Yee, when you wanna come kl?! i bring you go clubbing laaa" LOL
Went to secret recipe muar with cousins.
Dinner at auntie's house.
At night to early dawn, GAMBLINGGGGGGGGG muahaha
Lost money shit.

Second day of CNY ::
Woke up around 12pm wtf got scolded by aunties and uncles coz we gamble until so late, then wake up late somemore
Continue gambling after lunch LOL
Get angpows again.
At night was reunion dinner time, karaoke session baby! Instead of singing we were shouting the words out haha
Supper went for mamak with cousins. This is our so called "tradition" that every year we would all walk together to the mamak outside poh poh's house lol nice tradition lea.
Back from supper :: Gamble.

Third day of CNY ::
Woke up late AGAIN wtf.
Have lunch at my other uncle's house and played abit with the kids.
Went to jonker walk with cousins. They went shopping to Mahkota Parade without me yerrrrr you guys!!
Had dinner at an old old shop that uncle went to since he was a teen yaa, that longg but omg, they have the best chicken wings ever man! I mean like super juicy, nicely done, the sauce is even so so good we feel like drinking them wtf
At night, big bro Dennis came.
Brought him to eye ON malaysia ( I thought it was eye OF malaysia wtf until dennis told me it is eye on malaysia ok wtf sien, can call myself malaccan somemore) and satay celup.
And guess what after all the gazillion times my uncle and auntie brought me to shopping mall, I cannot remember how to go. T____T
Damn sien lol sorry aa dennis wasted your time driving around haha
At least now you can say "I've been to Malacca before !!" lol
After we came back from supper around 2am, continue :: GAMBLE wtf.

Fourth day of CNY ::
Everybody went back already except for my family T_T
No gambling anymore until next year wuwu.
But, uncle and auntie brought me shopping!! yay!
Had dinner at burger king.
And here I am now, Blogging.
Going back tomorrow, starting work on Monday arghh.
Hope can go bai nian with friends on Saturday!
Till then. :)


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