Friday, January 9, 2009

p chan - - bullet train

Ai yai yai yai yai, bullet train is so amazing, travels twice as fast as the normal train and yet I cannot feel the speed. But sad to say it is damn expensive, if convert it to Malaysian ringgit. Like from my place to Tokyo, it would be around RM1000+ according to Yoke. Sigh high living cost.

Train stations are always always pack and also here you can find all sorts of people, funky punks uncle aunties cute japanese typical girls bla bla bla and I look like auntie sigh coz of my not very long but not very short uncombed hair with a "no make up i just wake up from sleep" face, i dont give a damn actually, beauty lies in the eye of the beholder wthh.

Lost in the train station? lol Everybody seems to be walking very fast like nobody's business, that is something I dont see everyday, because I dont stay in kay el ok, there happy?!

*gasp* hiroshimaaa?! I'm goin to shin-osaka btw. :)))
And guess what the train is reallt punctual. 16.39pm means 16.39pm not even a minute late.

This is the normal train.


A type of bullet train but it is not the latest one.

This is the latest !! woots so ugly la me lollllllllllll u can see how fast it comes coz even my hair is flying wtf. there was once where I got too near the train I felt like i'm about to fall coz it was fast lol.

Touching it touching it!

It suppose to be a "omg I finally get to sit a bullet train" face but it turn out to be something else sheesh. The interior is not like normal trains, its more like the seatings in an aeroplane, very organised. :)

I wanna go again. again again again.


.. and counting

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