Tuesday, January 6, 2009

p chan - - christmas french dinner

Christmas Dinner now only wanna post bout it lol sorry no time to blog there, but plenty of time now hah~ I decided not to work considering i cannot find a job that I like here and the salary so low they dont deserve me lol wtf.

Anyway back to dinner.
So ok, we went to a hotel and had Christmas Dinner also in conjuction with my host bro's, Taka san bday. Everybody is all dressed up, very high class lol really! I didnt expect it until host sis told me she will do the make up and set my hair for me woooooo.

The result !! Hair extensions fake lashes real me. :D

Host mummy daddy. I look french chinese-ish with that hair wtf

We R Family.This is the Menu. They tried so hard to translate the menu to English so I dont mind the some mistakes, its all good hehe~

Got violin player somemore wtf damn classy!

The omg-damn-nice food :::

Finally, dessert!
I lovvvveeee dessert......................
I didnt finish some food eventhough it is so so oiishi~ I was too full sigh felt guilty.


Cheers for the NEW YEAR!


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