Wednesday, January 7, 2009

p chan - - luminous kobe

What goes thru your mind when someone ask you about Luminous Kobe? A place? A kind of food lol wth. Many possible answers but I dont think one would think that it would be a ship name, yup a ship.
I was like huh? a ship waa so grand the name, and so when they said we were goin to have lunch on luminous kobe I was very very excited.

The interior decorations are beautiful.

Lunch time !!! Get to sit by the window somemore damn nice.

Playing around with Nxson's Boris shades and his look-so-much-like-LV-bag-but-not-LV bag lol.

Random pic before the cruise lol :: Gelato anyone? Their Gelato cheap and nice and so not kiam siap like Malaysia ones only give so little for a large sum of money cis. Cheese is soo soo good and yoke's green tea is not bad either. :)

So many nice spots to take pics especially on deck ::

Eventhough it was freezing up there because of strong cold winds. This we would do for good photos lol.

Spot the difference. :)

Too cold until I dont know how to look at the camera wtf.


Yokie, Boris, Paris and Akashi Suspended Bridge.

Again. :D

Lol. I guess min may is saying farewell to will. i. am lol

Only ah yoke and me looking at the camera aww.

With Fabiola from Peru.

And Lenny from Australia, i'm like wearing a tudung =.=""""

Yoke look so cute here haha like practically being blow away. I do feel that at times hmm, I think if it is Ah Shhuuet omg, I dont dare to look no more wtf lol.

...... My favourite paris hilton mouth pouting pose wthhh.


Nsxon January 8, 2009 at 12:25 AM  

PARIS!!! it's nsXon! 'x' is always the midpoint. n btw, u look good in lil Boris *laf*

princess pHei e January 8, 2009 at 5:26 PM  

sorie loooooo lol wun make the mistake dy lol.

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