Monday, January 5, 2009

p chan - - skii camp

SKII ing is NOT as simple as it looks.
No seriously.
It painful.
BUT tonnes of fun! hee~
Snow and everything is super fun,
if and only if,
U dont fall.
Oh and one piece of advice.
Never ever throw a snow ball at people's face lol it hurts its not as soft as it looks.

Ski camp was super-ly fun, meeting ah yoke and nxson (my new friend) again same camp with me yay. And a few more new members mostly japanese.
The place was somewhere at Toyooka ( up north) I presume but I can tell you the journey takes 2 hours from my place.

Anyway, This is one of them. So sorry but I forgot his name hmm, but I heard he is the president's son of dunno which lions club. Oooo. He's 20. He looks 25 lol wtf.

Oo. In Japan, I think it is their custom or something to have welcome parties coz I've been to many including this one. When I say party it doesnt mean clubbing music dancing wtf lol but very very formal ones where uncles wear tuxedos and suits. Cute ness.
Apparently, they take it very seriously.

During the party, I was playing the camera and I spotted this.
My goodness.
Hmm, and its very popular in Japan.
If Pocari is a person I'm gonna find him and ask him how come he sweats so much lololol wtff

Moving on, this is my "Ohayo, I just woke up" pic. So so lazy to put on make up. So so lazy.

This is us. Next to ah yoke is Fabiola. She is from Peru nice girl. n.n Hmm, and I'm sitting between Nanaka and Satomi both very cute japanese chicks.

My first yuki (snow) err ice.

Ok ok. Ski pics from here ::

The mountains. Very very steep *cough scary* mountain.

The team. I'm in pink btw just telling just telling haa~

The snowboarders. Many many of them and almost all damn yeng lol

Its a sunny day. n.n
Why is the sky so bluee.

Not concentrating on ski ing lol. Its tiring coz I kept falling but all in all its fun.

We use these to get up to the mountains wtf damn scary man these things they have no handle whatsoever, so if u fall, u fall. Your business. Tata. Goodbye.
Btw, they dont stop, so you need to get off in time if not you'll fall, and yes I fell lol wtf its hard to walk on snow.
And so I cause the whole cable system thing to stop for about 10 seconds so I could stand up and walk away shamefully. Geez.

Well, ski camp was only 2 days short and when there's a welcome party there's always a farewell party. Took this pic during farewell.
I got the hang of ski ing on the second day, a few hours before we leave for home wtf yea I know.
Hmm, at least I can call myself a skii-er now.
ngek ngek ngek.


Nsxon January 8, 2009 at 12:35 AM  

admit it Paris, ur madly in lurve with the smoking hot Smoker?! *chuckle* N

princess pHei e January 9, 2009 at 9:37 PM  

lol! I am sooo not! smokers are a no no man! lol

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