Thursday, January 8, 2009

p chan - - soba makin

In Japan, they eat soba with a special soya sauce with raw egg, urgghh raw egg I dont really enjoy eating raw embryo of a chicken wth.
Hmm, my 2 host sis brought me to a special place to make soba and then eat it muahaha i like this. The place reminds me of jonker walk coz the streets are narrow and full of people.

Lost in the streets of Japan.

Checked out some japanese high school boys ahaks~

A meal like that can easily blow a hole in yr wallet, imagine that.

This is the place !

I'm so excited. *oo oo oo oo*

The soba making restaurant.

The instructions where I only refer the pictures lol.
The video below is when the si fu is giving instructions, in Japanese. T_T

I didnt have pics on me making the soba sobs host sister accidentally press video mode so it was in video mode all the time, sigh nevermind nevermind she gave me some photos of her own hee~

All I had was this video, the nicest video.
They way they sit, omg damn painful and everybody seems to be ok with it except me sigh, embarrassing coz I sit like a boy wtf.

The product muahaha I'm so proud of myself !!

Japanese hot hot tea, ahh, nothing like sipping a cup of hot tea on a cold day.

Itadakimas !!
Yup, I' a big big eater lol. And yes, I did not comb my hair today, and actually almost everyday coz most Japanese have hair like mine, uncombed hair lol so they dont give a damn, very normal. So glad for that lol.

And we're done!! Standing in the middle is the si fu.

After lunch we went shopping around that area. Many many things but as it is a tourist site, yup you would have guess it, all the things are kind of expensive. T__T

Zooming on host sis's LV purse lol.
My host families in my opinion, are rich !! :)


Japan Fashion January 8, 2009 at 2:46 PM  

Great collection and i like fourth one picture but i don't understand what is this exactly

princess pHei e January 8, 2009 at 5:28 PM  

ahh.. thanks. :)
u mean the meal? it is a soba full set meal put on display.
japanese food shop like to put super delicious looking food samples outside their shops hee~

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