Tuesday, January 6, 2009

p chan - - universal studios japan

Heyyy. I forgotten to wish everyone happy new year wtf I know its like damn late already sorry laa.


My host sister, Yuki and her boyfriend, Show chan brought me to USJ on the very first day (arghh I forgot the day but I'm sure its after christmas hee~) I met them. Well actually the next morning, very very early in the morning coz its in Osaka, around 2 hours from the place I'm staying, Kakogawa.

When my host mum first mention bout USJ, asking me whether I went before, I was honestly thinking bout the USJ in kl and I was tempted to say yes wtfwtf and they said no no its Universal Studios Japan wtf ok yay, then I got all excited (since Disneyland is far away from my place)

Anyway, this is a picture of my second host family.

Big family right. The more the merrier. n.n
I have twin sisters in short Yuki has a twin, Akari. Both pretty girls. Hmm, what else, they have an older brother and he's married too. n.n All have children already so that why its a big family.

Ok. USJ pics now.

"Thank you."

I looove the decorations!

At the entrance with little me.

P chan and Ren.

I waited for the globe thing to rotate until SNAP! Universal wee~


I wanna go there again!!

Welcome to Universal Studio!!

Japanese are really really patient people I tell ya.
This was what I saw before entering USJ.
It opens at 9am but there are already tonnes of people queing up wtf some even ran to buy the tickets geez.

My sis got us these. Express booklets woohoo and I think it is quite cheap I mean like, this booklet is something like a VIP pass where at 7 selected rides, we dont have to line up, THANK GOD FOR THAT because the lines were omg, ridiculously long, one hour or so, and yet still got people waiting wtf. So I think it is worth it to pay abit more rather than to line up for an hour or so for every ride.
I love Yuki. :)

Everytime we pass thru those people who were lining up, I would be like yayness I have the VIP booklet u dont so too bad wtf why am I so bad.

Everything is in Japanese T__T

So many people pak tou-ing cis!

The streets.

See the roller coaster in the background?

First ride was the scariest roller coaster ever, even scarier than the one in Genting wtf. It is called the Hollywood Dream roller coaster damn big damn fast damn scary. Practically floating on air this one.

I dont see Mickey or Minnie in USJ but there's Hello Kitty!! Kitty chan! So much better lol.

Got hello kitty parade somemore!! but it was in Japanese wtf duh, infact everything is in Japanese. So little English, so so little.
There were many people so I was force to take pictures practically under someone's armpits wtfwtf

So cute horrr.

Hello kitty street and store! The things are expensive of course, that didnt stop me from buying a tshirt and necklace muahaha. I even waited for the shop to open and then rush inside lol.

At that time, it was the day after christmas I guess. So, the decorations are still there. n.n

Lunch was mmm mmm, deeelicious.

Jurassic Park.


Doing what other Japanese girls does, take photo with the cap, then put them back lol.

Wizards of Ozzzzzzz.

Tin maaan haha so cute. Why I look so dreadful that day?! wtf must be tired.

Japanese scarecrow lol wtf

There's spiderman, back to the future, jaws, terminator, e.t... But i didnt took any pics of them coz my cam battery was low that time wtf man! Sigh. But Yuki developed pics for me from her cam so, if you guys wanna see it, inform me.

P Chan only bought these see so good girl I'm trying to save money lol. The kitty chan book was bought buy Yuki to keep my souvenir coins thanks YUKI!!

Universal Studios, I will misssssss you. T__T


Janson January 6, 2009 at 11:22 AM  

ish ish ish!!!
ada tak kamu beli hadiah untuk aku kat universal studio Jepun!!!???

Anonymous,  January 8, 2009 at 12:28 AM  

u r lucky u got the xpress ticket! when i was thr, they r all sold out and it cost me freaking TWO and a HALF hours juz for one freaking ride (k, d Hollywood Dream coaster is amazing)

princess pHei e January 9, 2009 at 9:37 PM  

too bad man too bad *smiles widely*

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