Monday, January 5, 2009

p chan - - youth exchange camp (indoor)

Youth camp was great!
Unfortunately it was short wuu ounly 3 days 2 nights but I really enjoyed it, making new friends, ahh these would be memories now.
Meeting up with my group of friends again is indeed exciting. n.n

This is US. Naughty, funny, nosiy, crazy us.

From left back :: Yoke, Me, Min May, Tammy, Ze Jing, Wei Wei From left seated :: Nxson, Dennis, Chin Tong aka Shinto and william aka

This was where we stayed. All together.

The girls.
Charlene and Loraine are from Australia. Hope I get their names right. n.n
It is in this camp where I first experience PUBLIC BATH wtffffff PUBLIC BATH...........
Hmm, but it wasnt that bad lol after all we are the same wtf that sound so wrong hahahaha~
Anyway, show you how the bath area looks like.

No curtain curtain to cover, nothing.
No not noth nothi nothin nothing.

The tub where we can soak in after shower. Pointing at that hole was just a coincidence lol it doesnt mean anything.

Ok ok so we're done with that. Moving on, we had to give a presentation during our first night bout our country and stuff so what we Malaysians did was to "fashion show" our traditional costumes.

We had almost every costume except sari oooww, I was suppose to wear it but Suriya's sari was too big and long.
Gomen ne~
Do notice that Nxson's (most right) baju melayu is soo like a pajamas lolol and he's doing his own pose with people staring at him haha~
And min may has this malaysia airlines baju kebaya haha so the whole night we were like, "min may min may, faster say coffee, tea, or me" lol wtf.

Tammy and I wore cheongsam; same colour somemore hee~
The next day of camp was sight seeing around Kobe for the whole day, will post that later. So now, I'll skip to the farewell party which was on Christmas Day yayyayayaya.

Pikachu came lol.

This is US again.

Fooling around.

I gonna miss them all. T___T

I'm gonna miss Wei Wei.

And Satomi. ( I think see looks abit like Siew Fen btw lol)

And Ze Jing together with Lenny in the background lol.

And Shino. Her birthday is on Christmas and all of us went to her room middle of the night to suprise her lol. She's preeeetty.

And Ranee.

And Lorraine.

And Shinto.

And Dennis.

And Tammy our group leader. But william calls her Taaa Miiii lol at times.

Happy times happy times.


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