Wednesday, January 14, 2009

sigh. why like this...

Has anyone ever been to the Air Putih Post Office?
It was my first time there today, ( dont laugh, i dont normally go to these places ) wanted to send some letters to my host family and friends.
Finding parking was already tough, coz you know la my driving damn suckish wann and in a rush to fetch my brother back from school somemore, I'm not good working under pressure lol.

And so when I arrive there, open the door omg!! what is that $%@ smell? It doesnt smell like those office very well ventilated smell no no no not even close. It stinks man! Like badly ughh* Ok whatever maybe the office is small and it is quite packed with people so, oh well just leave that thought behind and took a number, waiting for my turn.

Pressed the button and wtf have a look at this::

No anda : 1344
No sekarang : 1313
do the math do the math faster faster~
31 people then only my turn what is this man sigh maybe this is no shocker to you, it is to me coz it's my first time so bla bla here I am now telling the whole world of this crap.

So, what to do.
The clock was showing 1.40 already and shoot still not my turn yet, a long way to go but still need to fetch lil bro coz he ends at 1.45pm gahh what is this.
After barrely waiting for 10 mins I left, the people there must be thinking my goodness this young girl has no patience lol. Don't give a damn auntie.

Tried my luck and went back to the post office to see whether my turn was over already anot, guess what still not yet honestly i dont really know whether it is a good thing or a bad thing. It was 1333 that time, ahh what the heck, waited.
Waited patiently until its my turn settled my stuff then cabut.

Mummy... please dont ask me to go these kind of places anymore.
Please no.



.. and counting

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