Sunday, February 1, 2009

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I went to the TC beach with LoeLoe and Yee Chern yesterday.
Ate KFC.
I went to the beach AGAIN like no where else to go like that horr crap.
But this time with Chui Mean and Yee Chern.
Ate KFC AGAIN wtf like nothing else to eat like that.

Licking the excess cheese.


Wiiii fiii ing. Me lovee~

Our love for cheesy wedges would last forever lol.
Focus on chui mean's thumb. She can bend until like that weii~

Best of friends. :D

After eating cheesy wedges extra cheese lol we went walking around the beach where we saw these group of "omg so lame" skateboarders showing off their "awesome" moves. Super lame. =.='' They made this board thingy and put a vespa nearby to show their jumping board thingy skills =.=''' use vespa somemore. jian han would be furious lol.

So, ignoring that. Moving on, we saw this dude selling cute balloons yay! balloons!
Got hello kitty somemore wtf but the hello kitty's face is like cacated not ori sigh
Yee Chern had this idea where she say wanna hang balloon at my car and let the whole world see wthhhh lol like that also can weiii~
We bought spongebob, since hello kitty was ugly urgh.

Spongebob is camera shy.

Now he isnt. hee~

Hello Spongebob.
We love spongebob.

Yes you. We love you. :DD


Why am I like this.

This is better. I think.

Oh yeaaa, we met chian yaw along the way with her mummy. So friendly, i like. xD

This was what we did. OMG.

Most off the motorcylist are like, "wth is spongebob doing there, crazy girls." lol its written all over their faces if only I put a camera near there and took their expressions ; hilarious.
Now spongebob stays with me.
At the corner of my house.
Next to the aquarium.
Ngagagagagaga~ (spongebob laugher wth)


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