Saturday, January 24, 2009


...was the 3rd day I worked in a kindergarten and honestly it is very tiring. First day of work was shocking for me lol coz I really didnt expect kids to be that naughty ; but among those who are naughty i have my favourite girl ::

Aww. So cuteee, the way she calls me "chicher chicher" (since she cannot pronounce teacher properly lol). She's in my class of 4 year olds and very obedient thats why i sayang her alot. :) And no larrrr i'm not pilih kasih ok LOL
Sorry for the poor quality of the pic, I was using my lame phone to capture wtf.
Ain't she the cuteeeee? ...

I teach 4 year olds in the morning and 6 year olds in the afternoon. The 6 years are more obedient la of course, mature abit already so they dont really run around or sleep in your class wtf. The first lesson I teached them was maths and they were suppose to greet before class starts, and so they were like "GOOD AFTERNOON TEACHER Phei ......." LOL great they dont know my name. Luckily there's this girl call pei nee in the class so, phei yee pei nee phei yee pei nee almost sound the same, they can remember hah~

I have to say, I do enjoy teaching little kids, they do listen to you, given that you raise your voices coz otherwise they wouldnt listen. Other than that, it is actually quite fun, seeing their actions sometimes makes me laugh. Aaa. Cute lil fellas.

Yesterday night, I went to the movies with e chern to watch inkheart. It's not bad, quite nice eventhough we were late 10 minutes and was blury blur when we enter the cinema coz we dont know what was happening in the movie wtf.
Go watch inkheart ppl ppl !!


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