Saturday, February 7, 2009

choo choo train ^^

Thanks to my host sister Michiru, now I'm also in love with Exile. :)))))
Host sista has their dvd cd everything in her car and she let me watch them haa~
Even her son, Hiromu knows how to sing along. Yea her son, HIROmu, go figure :D
Host sister, if you're reading this post::
私に新しい興味を、それ与えるためのありがとうは日本の歌を聞いている ! EXILE 規則 !!
Apparently, only two people sings in this band, the rest are dancers.
Cool huh~ cannot find that in other bands.
One of the singing ones is Takahiro omg omg damn good looking.
Boyish facee.

Melts horrr~~ lam kao kao.
And there's this track that I love the most called Choo Choo Train haha cute name but love it! Simply L.O.V.E it.
Very pop.

Blinkx Video: Choo Choo Train EXILE Live Tour 2007 EXILE EVOLUTION

There. The MV.
Go check it out fast fast fast!
The video is kinda long around 7 minutes so be patient yaa, they only start singing around the 1st minute so dont go switching it off in the beginning coz its boring wtf.


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