Wednesday, February 4, 2009

love stoneddd. xD

Read this.
I saw it when I was in Kyoto.
I did walk safely to the other side with auntie midori's guidance coz I had to close my eyes lol.
My wish have not been granted ehh.
Valentine's day coming ehh.
Haha~ :)

****************************** Totally random ***********************************

Show you guys my students, my baobei students who enjoys camwhoring as much as I do ::

Bao Bei Arabella, my favourite girl. muahh!

Bao Bei Si Yee
Naughty cute yee yee. :)

Bao bei Amelia.
Cutie pie.

Bao bei Sheen Hong.
My class number 1 singer
i loveee him.

Bao bei Nitraashini.
Sounds like Nithia horr lol

All also like to do peace, ahh, I train my student well hahaaa~
I should get some rest now.
Toodles. :DD
*sooo sharpay blehh


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