Tuesday, February 10, 2009

A mixture.

If you hadnt notice, I've been updating my blog DAILY for the past few days. What to say?
I have to many things I wanna express out. :D
Firstly, I havent update you guys bout the on9 clothes I bought. It turned out to be the way I expected it, not cheap looking, cute and mostly importantly fits me well omg that's all I'm worried about.
I am soooo gonna shop on9 from now onwards.

This is my lollipop dress. Sorry I dont have a full pic of my dress, I actually had one but I look sakai so I deleted it.

Well, this is the bottom. I love the way the colours combine and the flare flare ness. :DDD
This dress is still for sale at the web if any of you guys are interested.

Cute buttons that goes well with my 'hair'.

This is my other dress. Black baby doll dress, dont mind the messy dressing table.
Again, I love the design at the bottom, very turkish lol somewhat like that.

Here's another pic with the dirty mirror and shower wth.
Eh, do you guys realise that I always like to do the same pose? hah~ my signature post. :o


I hate the fact that I'm a Photoshop noobie.
Like I dont know how to photoshop grr and that makes me angry.
All I know is Picasa eventhough its quite cool I wanna learn how to photoshop too wuwuuww~
I dont wanna be tag as a Photoshop noobie no sir ree~
Need help.
Before its too late wth.


My current addition is to Ferrero Rocher *thanks to my auntie for giving a huge box of it. :DD*
And I mean seriously addicted ; minimum 3 a day.
Dont say I have expensive taste ok (ahem, auntie siew hwa yes you), FR is so damn good its just a coincidence that it is expensive LOL

Oh yeaa. I've been wanting to post this for a long long time already but I kinda forgot so here they are ::

LOL wtf of pose is this. hahahahaha
and yea I know tak habis habis with snow ski pics, sorry but cannot help it. I miss yuki!
Eh, why is my face so dark? =.=''

Merajuk pose. lol and yoke is patrick the starrrfish. :DD

I love what is done to the pic thanks to nsxon booboo but this face and pose, unbelievable. Cannot even see my eyes. =.=''

Nsxon is so good at this.
Photography. :D
See the pic, damn nice clear cun.


I went to a website just now to try add some bling bling to my pics (what to do, photoshop noobie) and then there's this ad saying "Find who has a crush on you?" lol that should be interesting. Out of curiousity I went to click on it.

The menu started loading...





What is your gender?

What is your first name? (this would affect who has a crush on you)
Owhkay then I wrote Wee.

Enter your mobile number to see who has a crush on you *select maxis, digi or celcom*
Wth did they ask for handphone num. tembak one number.

Then it started loading again. wtf 2 questions only? So geng?
Ok here comes the best part, ready?


Walao damn liar man!
Where got such thing one wanna cheat peoples' money only hah~
If you tried to fool me whoever you are, sorry you are too dumb boohoo.
And dont go around cheating lil girls lil boys money either.
Thats a no no.


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