Sunday, February 8, 2009

of roasted pork ribs and vincci shoes

If you hadnt notice, the title of this post is an inspiration from the novel "of bunga telur and ballet shoes" yea yea the one we learn during form 1 haa~

Bought a vincci flip flops yesterday, dunno whether can consider as flip flops anot coz I dont wanna use the term slipper sounds cheap lol. Hmm, the "flipflops" are kinda cheap haha 45 bucks i think it's cheap, now pls dont go whinnnning saying "you think money very easy to earn ahh" wth you think I dont know is it? Jorr i hate when people say that.
Anyway. Here it is ::

I have big legs. =.='''

Cute bohh?
Its simple and sweet. Plus, its flat thank goodness for that.
A very beach-like "flip flops" too heh~
They actually have a variety of colours namely turquoise, black and mine pink. :)
And its in a magazine!

Well of course laa coz its the vincci magazine *sweat. Since we are at this topic, have you guys ever seen the mag? I mean the models' legs are flawless and i mean really shiny shiny what the, damn fake ok where got people's leg like that one. Photoshop kao kao! :DDD

Smack that. Squaaaaassshh the girl.

Why is this a lil LV-ish. ???
Got the word made in malaysia somemore. +.+
Enough bout shoes now to food!
Roasted honey spared ribs with shanghai style vegetable rice.
Nah! ambik kau! name so long lol

But... delicious!
I dont usually eat spare ribs coz I'm lazy lol I dont like the bones and stuff lazy to chew hah~ same goes for prawns, every CNY without fail need my trusty cousin brandon to peel for me the prawns (otherwise I rather not eat, I'm serious) LOL this year's victim was cousin charng rhui. :P

The honey makes it so much b.e.t.t.e.r !!

Looking at the menu, got distracted by the camera, cannot say NO to photography.

Is this how a girl supposes to sit? =.='''

My purple rain mocktail.
The difference between mocktail and cocktail, one have alcohol the other dont, now only I know.
Noob me. :x
I like the colour of the ceiling coz I edited it to my pinkpurple haa~ follow my drink colour.

I like the way the juice 'splats' on the table.

Brother's "cool" hair thanks to jian han.

Bad hair day?
Its rather short. T_T
I been envy-ing people with long hair for almost 2 months now sien that day jian han cut my hair somemore double sien, told him wanted to keep the length just style it ny, he said ok but now look short also lol
Didnt stylo mylo my hair today.
Lazy. :x

PS :: Big bro say I have a nice nose. Couldnt agree more hahahahha~


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