Thursday, February 12, 2009

p chan -- buat roti di jepun.

Ahar. Yes Yes the episode of P chan *dash* event of the day is back again, to haunt youu wuwuwu! wtf so lame. =.=''
Ahem. *regain sanity*
Anyway, I still have Japan pics that I wanna show you guys, yes not finished yet.
So, here am I to share again ahem *drumroll
This time P chan goes bread making!
Ahar ahar bread making no joke!

Told you its no joke. :)
Part of going to Japan is to experience the other side of Japan, a very touching one indeed.
Since I am sponsored by Lions Club, my trip would only be complete if I at least did some charity work, and I love doing these it feels so so good! I remembered the first time I did one, it was way way back when I was in form 3 for rotary club where I volunteered to do odd jobs and collect money for something. So, there I was, washing cars watering plants lol stuff like that lah.
Ok back to Japan.
An auntie from the lions club there brought me to this center for disabled people, where they can learn something new which I think is really cool.
Honestly I didnt expected it coz I was brought to cool places before this but I was thankful I got to experience it before hand.

This is the place where I was brought to. For disabled people. Kawaii ne~ :D
The uncle on my right is the sifu there, very funny guy he always look serious somewhat like a professor lol.

P-chan also works in Japan ok haha! No lar I just help them out and I'm quite tickled by the way the react upon my arrival and when I was paying attention to them, they said I was kawaii~ *hahaha, i'm not trying to boast ok. its just something true. :p* cute lil fellas. In this picture above, they are wiping something plastic-y to make something out of it which I'm not very sure of.

I started my day by making bread. It looks so pretty, so proud of myself coz its my first time :p
The ovens are hugee btw.

This was what I made! Nice huh?
I love this shot too. :D

Thanks auntie for helping me when I was not good at it hah~

My first unsuccessful breads ugly right hee~

The finish product!

Back then when I hair was black and my frindge was heavy. =.=''


Playing japanese card games lol its harder than it looks!

This was my lunch from 7-eleven omg I miss those lunches where I eat sushi and steamboat and stuff like that omggg I really miss those times. And omg the 7-eleven there damn nice not like ours here sigh.

Pretty lady serving us at 7E. They even have this!! And japanese girls I tell you where also got, guys if you go there you damn fortunate lahh, paradise. :DD

Continue to *stare* when the next series of p chan *dash* events returns!


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