Sunday, February 22, 2009

SMART sports day 2009 + mini reunion *part 1*

Report :: My cheer team came in second place this year arghh wasted! >.<

PS :: Warning. Long post ahead.

This year, all of us seniors (ex-smartians) well, not all of us, went to join in the fun during this years sports day. It seems that it would be the last time we can do this wuwuwu uni where got sports day. T_T
Most of us were cheerleading coaches *mind you, we're not experts whatsoever, we're just here to have fun!* and all of us are from MGS lol so the cheering steps are most likely the same for all the teams LOL. I was like freakin out when I saw the team before mine having the same pyramid the same steps as mine wth. O.o
Anyway, I dont really have any comments bout the results yadadadada~

Here are today's pictures ::


The first cheer team is about to perform.

Warm up practices with the team at the stadium, we have here Phei e and E chern.
*I'm very hiphop today* xD

KEMBARA rawrrrr!
Take one.

Take two.

Take three.

Ready to go!

This is so kawaii~ :D

Meanmean and chukchuk.
I L.O.V.E meanmean's shades! Said she bought from Nose, somewhere around 30 bucks *gasp* Very victoria beckham ish and she said there's white colour omg thats such a plus! Paris style here I come.
* yell at meanmean *
* took her shades *
* play play play *


Oily fringe. T_T

I loveeee this pic freakin much! coz i look like baby ape phei e version and most importantly I look fairr.

Ignoring chern.

LOL my bff is like so happy for no particular reason.

It was after an hour that we realised we were seating at a wrong spot wtf we are so dumb coz its very obivious that a few seats away is not sunny and yet we wanna sit at a sunny place, camwhoring with the umbrella wtf.

Mary poppins.

Mary poppins the sequal wtf.
Then I said something stupid to pashe and chern, asking them to pose as if I am a celebrity and how they would respond to that particular fact hoho~ and here are the results ::

Pashe gets excited but Chern just doesnt care wtf.

Pashe freakin out AGAIN.

Now chern hates me lol.

Ella ella ella..

Running out of poses.

Love my highlights. xD

Hot lah~

Then dont know how chern discovered her dream iPhone from someone and she was like omg and grab it wtf I wasnt sure it was an iPhone or iPod touch coz to me it looks the same to me. O.o'''

Tryin to compare meei siew's iPod touch and this iPhone ooOoo.
Apple apple; was considering on gettin a mac notebook but after much consideration it aint that suitable for me I guess. T_T

Waiting to the results is killin me! yayaya we already expected we might get no.2 but maybe there's a tiny whiny chance we may get no.1 LOL never give up weiii!~

Results time.

Phei e :: "When are they announcing the resulttttt, I gettin tired hurmph"

My hip looks broad here geez.


Chuk Chuk can run! Two golds somemore!

Our hamper.

Seniors at the back! oh yea oh yea!
After sports we went to EC mall for lunch.

I maybe small but i am POWERFUL!
All of us crammed into chern's car.

Lunch at black canyon.
I didnt know black canyon was from thailand until I saw the thai words on the menu and when Pashe told me that a waiter said sawadeekap to her lol.

Mean's cap is everywhere hah~

My suckish ice tea. I meant to order ice LEMON tea i thought it was the same thing just without the lemon but I was wrong arghh this drink taste so bad.

BUT it is 4 bucks! Cannot waste arghh drink also.

The chicken soup was nice and its free! xD

Lunch was so so. I ordered fish fillet yadada something like that I forgotten the name. Since it is a thai shop, everything seems to be spicy even my thousand island sauce is spicy geez.

Paying the bill with my credit card LOL

Later when to Parkson to check out whether MY *future* guess bag is still there and on sale anot wtf. And oh you guys, next time dont go Parkson and snap pics coz its not allowed we were told =.=''' Such a ripoff why cannot spoil peoples' fun.

So, we took pics at a tropicana life wall instead wtf which is near the washroom double wtf.



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